At BatesForum, architecture is about creating spaces, connecting people, and building communities.

We embrace the unique design challenges of every project and respond with creative and inspired solutions for our clients.

We embrace design and delivery as an integrated process, working closely with our construction colleagues and clients to adopt new building technologies and leverage in-house expertise with innovative building systems and materials.

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Maryville University School of Health Professions


The practice of interior architecture and design has never been more complex or more exciting. Advances in technology, multiple generations in the workplace, and dynamic economic and regulatory climates are key drivers shaping the design of next-generation interior environment.

At BatesForum, we are more than designers. We are design thinkers. We solve design challenges side by side with clients from the earliest stages of workplace strategy and programming to building dynamic interior environments that engage, inspire, and heal. Together, we create smart spaces that not only meet business objectives but reflect the culture, brand, mission, and core values of each organization we serve.

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The ultimate form of site development lies in the intersection of the art and science of landscape architecture.

BatesForum’s award-winning landscape architecture designers connect creative expression with the realities of complex ecological systems. Our projects are intended to preserve, restore, and enhance environmental surroundings. At the same time, our work is firmly rooted in economic and social realities that inform our clients’s business goals.

Our team has participated in some of the world’s most complex projects at every scale, helping clients develop extraordinary landscapes that connect people to nature.

Featured Project

RGA Headquarters


Few issues facing society are more important than mass urbanization and the need to rethink our cities.

BatesForum’s award-winning urban planning and design team understands that urban projects at any scale require more than a good design to be successful. The issues facing urban environments are complex; aligning agendas among the many stakeholders is a challenge. To help cities and citizens succeed, we blend areas of expertise including land use, transportation, infrastructure, feasibility, and communication, with an emphasis on listening.

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Pearl of Istanbul


What are the game-changing variables driving workplace strategy today?

An effective workplace strategy takes into account six business drivers that have a direct impact on the functionality of a workplace and the effectiveness of the people working within. Our workplace strategy team can help you navigate those drivers, specific to your goals and your space.

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35 E. Wacker | 14th Floor


TAG saves our valuable clients time and money while ensuring they end up with a one of a kind building they can rely on.

Our Technical Assurance Group (TAG) is an asset that is unique to the industry. Our skilled, experienced and innovative TAG team supports all of our projects by meticulously formulating and testing design solutions, ensuring our design and construction process is of the utmost quality.

Featured Project

Pfizer R&D Facility